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Control Panels

Our experts are skilled with a variety of types of control, electrical & drives panels..

A comprehensive Range of Services

INDUSTRIAL automation 

We base our industry leading Industrial control turnkey automation solutions  after intensive consultations,engineering & design.

IIOT, SCADA, MES Solutions

Our experts are skilled and trained to guide your teams in implementing a variety of  IIOT, SCADA & MES technologies.

Analysis & Strategy

Our experts are skilled with a variety of types of statistical analyses e.g. OEE, energy management..

Model Predictive control

Position your company to capitalize on productivity growth during times of disruption, while maximizing operational efficiency, every production minute.

INDUSTRY 4.0 Solutions

Our experts help manufacturers implement digital factories using IIoT and Industry 4.0 Architectures.

Data management

Our experts use best in class design, engineering and programming tools to integrate your plant and business data.

KPI & Dashboarding

We evaluate your needs and recommend best practices and improvements providing actionable KPIs and dashboards.

Lifetime Value Analysis

We analyze your plant (Historian) data and business (ERP) data integration processes to identify gaps in your areas of highest value.